Malino International Mountainbike

The Malino International Mountain bike 2019 bicycle racing competition will be held again. According to the event calendar, the prestigious Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia will be held on 12-14 July.

The competition will be followed by professionals, athletes and bicycle hobbyists all mountain. It is expected that this natural bicycle racing event can give birth to outstanding athletes in their own country to the level of Asia.

Malino International Mountain Bike Challenge is also a promotional destination for tourist destinations with the concept of sport tourism. So that this activity has a positive impact on the tourism industry.

In addition to bicycle racing competitions, a variety of other events were also held. Such as sports, and various other entertainment. The concept of bicycle racing honed the balance, individual skills, and excellent physical strength.

The classes contested, refer to the enduro world series regulations. Classes that are contested are elite, open, junior, master, and women. Points are calculated by accumulating in the final series, and the winners will be sent to Asian level competitions.

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